Mar. 17th, 2009

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Yesterday evening with Sonya wherein we made a rustic strawberry galette* was pleasant. We joked, compared cooking methods, and talked of her upcoming engagement and my plans after this semester. It felt like the best moments with old friends - focused on current and coming times, while grounded in old bonds and jokes.

I was reading Alice Waters' op-ed piece about U.S. school lunch program just now, along with a blogger's more comprehensive response. And Tom Lee, mentioned in the previous link, heartily disagrees with Waters' argument while also desiring healthier food options in schools. I remember receiving reduced lunches in Brooklyn in the early 90's, with my favorite lunches being greasy Jamaican patties and tater tots because my mother would never have allowed them at home. Last semester I volunteered at a Head Start preschool and saw kids eating fried foods daily, cereals loaded with sugar, and few vegetables. When a nutrition counselor came in to talk with them her question of what was their favorite food was met with multiple replies of pizza and french fries, which they later counted as a vegetable. Waters' local-&-organic-$5-a-meal proposal would leave many low-income families in the dust, despite being the ones who would benefit most from positive changes of the program. I don't have an answer to this, of course, but it is something I've been curious about for some time.

*Like a tart or pie, but far less fussy. You spread the dough in a circle, put fruit in the center, and fold the edges inward.


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