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I was studying for tomorrow's biology exam and definitely needed a break. Tired, I pressed on, reading about the cell life cycle once again. I was bored and absentmindedly hummed one of the songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Several minutes later I imagined the voice of Tim Curry saying, "the other means of ATP production is -- cellular respi...ration!"
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You know you're a Bio nerd when...

1. Whenever you pass a CVS you think of fetal testing.*
2. Oogamy is the greatest-sounding word ever.
3. Tom Lehrer's " Elements" is the biggest thing since the alphabet song.
4. A marriage proposal goes like this: "Darling, I want to take our pair-bonding to the next level."
5. Bear trapping is for wusses. Bear tracking, on the other hand...
6. Charles Darwin is your GOD.**
7. You know whether your mom wants dicot or monocot flowering plants for Mother's Day.
8. You know about the gay penguins.
9. You grew up watching Kratt's Creatures and the Discovery Channel.
10. You can tell the difference between male and female Drosophila flies. Bonus points if you think they're cute.
11. You're convinced your sibling is the missing link. Unfortunately, the rest of the scientific world has yet to agree.
12. Newton was kinda hot. You just seem to gravitate toward him.***
13. Slash OTP: Watson/Crick. Het OTP: Marie Curie/Pierre Curie. Theirloveissoradioactive.
14. Gary Larson. Enough said.
* Chorionic villus sampling, to be precise.
** Yes, pun intended.
*** Just when you thought the jokes couldn't get worse.
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Natural selection results in adaptation, with its several meanings and multiple manifestations. Consider, for example, a squirrel. Note how its tail serves as a counterbalance as the animal leaps and turns; in addition, the same marvelous structure serves as a parasol, a blanket, and an aerial rudder. Pluck a burr from your clothing and consider the artful contrivances by which it clings there. Consider the love and devotion characteristic of the domesticated dog; these are adaptations related to the procurement of food and shelter as stringently selected for as the beak of a woodpecker. Thread a needle; your capacity to do so represents the cumulative effort of millions of years of selection pressures for digital dexterity and eye-hand coordination. (The needle itself made its appearance a mere 10,000 years ago.)


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