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This is much shorter than the first part but I'm not going to be mean and forgo LJ-cutting. Onwards! )
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I do not feel prepared for the last book, mostly because I fear that Rowling really will kill off Snape. I'm not yet ready to accept that. And, so.

Saw OotP tonight with [ profile] selestria. Spoilers and thoughts under cut. )
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Erm. That drawing I was stressing over constantly redoing working on for the [ profile] snarry_olympics? Done and posted. Go here if you'd like to see just how creative I can be with watercolors. Seriously, guys, just go and check it out. It's one of the most detailed things I've drawn so far and I'm actually proud of this (title almost most of all!) to the point that a much-larger piece of it is now set as my desktop.

Warnings, to be fair: blood, reason for the blood to be there, ANGST, cruel Gnarls Barkley quoting, bad photos taken with digital cameras, nonexistent or dubious chronology, two men kissing at one point, lots of color. Oh, and the possibility of insanity or severe trauma. It's kinda up to you to decide what happened. I rated it PG-13 but PG would be more appropriate. My chosen prompts were Circle, Just A Scratch and Too Much.

Please leave a comment if you want to write anything and, yes, I'd definitely appreciate it if you would! I'd love to hear what you liked/didn't like about it, any of your thoughts, really. :) Go and have a look around there, for that matter, if you're interested. The entries range from just plain amazing to absolutely incredible and I'm really glad I decided to to be a participant.
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It's been threatening to occur and finally has. My interests in Alan Rickman and Snape have split. I love the voice, his nose and all of his random acting roles but he isn't Snape to me. The pudge makes him look too old to play a 38 y.o. and just can't quite capture the sheer malice. Oh, he sounds dangerous, yes, but that isn't enough. He needs to be more. PoA was my favorite movie out of the three but I damn near cried when they cut out the scene where Snape loses it. We didn't see him out of control and furious, spittle flying and eyes blazing. Fandom made him too smooth for that, all sibilance and brandy-sipping internal tumult.

Who do I see as Snape? Trent Reznor, especially in Also fitting is Dov Tiefenbach who reminds me of the Snape seen in the pensieve, writing. For photographic evidence, turn to or It's hard to rely on people when the Snape I envision in my head is more of a drawing with hastily scribbled black lines, and a starched white collar. I want a dangerous Snape, with the cold black eyes and interesting vocabulary words.
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1 Batman
1 centaur boy by Nadia Ruscheva
1 Sin City
1 Secret in the Wings
5 Xena (2 Xena/Gabrielle, 1 Bitter Suite, 1 Lucy Lawess, 1 Joxer/Ares)
4 Harry Potter (3 Snotter, 1 Lupin/Black by the Theban Band)
Enclosed please find all of the above. )
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I've really started drawing lately, doodling distorted hands and unhappy boys in tutus during class more than usual. Enclosed, please find one seated male nude, courtesy of Hippolyte-Jean Flandrin's painting. Also included are two versions of Bellatrix Black Lestrange, with minor differences. In one she looks constipated and mad, while in the other she just looks constipated. This fire is out of control. I'm going to burn this city, burn this city... )
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I apologize for the silliness. Also presenting the black&white version just in case. )
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I'm a bit nervous about this piece. I wrote it right before dropping off to sleep, certainly not the best time to be jotting down profound thoughts. Snape continues to tutor Harry.

Title: Survival of the Fittest
Rating: PG
Warning: 219 words worth of weird imagery

Harry Potter feels thick slabs of pain startle him out of the temporary quiet. Snape, with the shards of glass and paralyzed cockroaches, with beast-yellow teeth that bite, with long fingers stained a sanguine shade of brown from his daily work is the culprit. Harry knew the conditions from the start; he would be taught vital spells until they became instinctual, until the sum of his efforts meant the Dark Lord’s weakened defenses.

Between throbbing headaches and muscle spasms treacherous threads of thought wind their way into his head, make him notice Snape. Really notice.

Severus cracks Harry open with his mind, his wand. Harry steals what shred of humanity remains in turn. There is no warmth in their work. A success at a task only brings on a new one while failure promises screams blotted on spittle and dusty books explaining theory until next time. Cupboards and dead flies are not mentioned out loud as Harry begins to differentiate resentment-tinged resignation from loathing, wary of his steady acclimation to both.

He spends lackluster evenings distracted from his assignments, mulling over this new confusion. A Death Eater, he knows, has at their disposal more cruel curses than his overactive imagination can piece together, ones that march fire-ant red and determined past his skin, infecting vital organs.

The heart, for one.
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Thank you, Darwin. Reading about the thirteen species of finches he found in the Galapagos islands, I saw a picture of one that immediately struck me as familiar. A little black finch with a huge snidely-curved beak looked out from the photo as if it was the star of The Birds. Being utterly obsessed, the whole household heard a cry of "It's him! It's him!"

It makes sense, too. They feed on cactus blooms and live in a generally unfavorable environment with brambles and volcanic terrain. They'd have to be able to live in harsh conditions and scrounge for food and shelter. A large cactus finch, Geospiza conirostris. Okay, the main reason is because it looks like unhappy and cantankerous.

That, and I needed an excuse to procrastinate. *slinks off to do Psychology homework*


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