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Books bought at the library for a total of $2.75
Tom Stoppard - Arcadia
James Herriot - All Things Wise and Wonderful
His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - Bhagavad-Gita As It Is
Roy Porter - English Society in the Eighteenth Century
Elizabeth D. Squire - Heroes of Journalism (impulse buy)
Michel de Montaigne - Essays
Katrin Behrend, Monika Wegler - The Complete Book of Cat Care
Patrick F. McManus - A Fine and Pleasant Misery
Rolfe Humphries (translator) - The Aeneid of Virgil
Robert L. Heilbroner - [Fifth Edition] The Making of Economic Society (still don't understand why I bought this one)

Books borrowed from a family friend
Chaim Potok - The Chosen
Robert A. Heinlein - Citizen of the Galaxy

Books bought from Barnes and Nobels yesterday
Stephen Chobsky - The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Francine Prose - Blue Angel
Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead

Books I'm almost finished reading
Kurt Vonnegut - Cat's Cradle
Ovid - Metamorphoses
David McCullough - John Adams

Books I really want but can't obtain yet
Humphrey Carpenter - The Brideshead Generation (I *need* it)
Anything by P.G. Wodehouse
Tom Stoppard - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Hermann Hesse - Steppenwolf
Daniel Quinn - The Story of B
Mark Behr - Embrace
Martin Green - Children of the Sun
Thomas More - Utopia
Jamie O'Neill - At Swim, Two Boys
Jack Kerouac - On the Road
Michael Cunningham - The Hours
Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game
Augusten Burroughs - Running with Scissors: A Memoir
Euripides - Medea
A.N. Roquelaure - The Sleeping Beauty Series
Albert Camus - The Stranger
Terry Pratchett - Maskerade
Evelyn Waugh - Brideshead Revisited
Maria McCann - As Meat Loves Salt

There are many other titles scribbled on torn pieces of paper and stuffed into my desk at odd intervals that I haven't found yet. To remedy this oversight I'm going to clean out my desk, arrange all of the papers into corresponding stacks and try to cultivate some order before college starts. Really.
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You know you're a Bio nerd when...

1. Whenever you pass a CVS you think of fetal testing.*
2. Oogamy is the greatest-sounding word ever.
3. Tom Lehrer's " Elements" is the biggest thing since the alphabet song.
4. A marriage proposal goes like this: "Darling, I want to take our pair-bonding to the next level."
5. Bear trapping is for wusses. Bear tracking, on the other hand...
6. Charles Darwin is your GOD.**
7. You know whether your mom wants dicot or monocot flowering plants for Mother's Day.
8. You know about the gay penguins.
9. You grew up watching Kratt's Creatures and the Discovery Channel.
10. You can tell the difference between male and female Drosophila flies. Bonus points if you think they're cute.
11. You're convinced your sibling is the missing link. Unfortunately, the rest of the scientific world has yet to agree.
12. Newton was kinda hot. You just seem to gravitate toward him.***
13. Slash OTP: Watson/Crick. Het OTP: Marie Curie/Pierre Curie. Theirloveissoradioactive.
14. Gary Larson. Enough said.
* Chorionic villus sampling, to be precise.
** Yes, pun intended.
*** Just when you thought the jokes couldn't get worse.


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