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Overwhelmed by all of the patriotic cakes and pastries in food stores, I took the matter upon myself to come up with an alternative way to get in on the action. [ profile] catchyerdreams assisted me in making a similar cake, with alterations. And, since many of the ingredients and colors were the same, we conspired to make a relatively successful Leather Pride cake! )
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It started two years ago when [ profile] catchyerdreams and I began to write down things we said. This was usually when we thought something was particularly funny or worth remembering. Not that we remembered the context, but it was the thought that counted. As promised, I finally read through the ones saved on my computer and made these icons. They're historic. They're offensive. They're defensive. They're hot. And she's a mack. Cut for goats, mild blasphemy, and sex. Yes, goats. )
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My, ah, lively sister is having her music lesson currently and is proceeding to slowly drive me to contemplate sororicide. I think I've heard boy-bands play with greater skill.

Today was very interesting. It turns out that is still hope; perhaps I can retain my sanity after high school after all. I had a lengthy conversation with a girl from English, Paige, and though we've talked sparsely before, today was a revelation of sorts. We have many of the same interests and it's great to meet someone else who delights in British men. I think by the time this post will be over I'll have friended her so I might as well address this personally (or, at least, as personally is possible via internet). Here goes:

It was absolutely wonderful to finally discover someone else with similar interests though I hope I didn't shock you too much. Unfortunately, everything I wanted to say, or type as the case may be, is hard to express so here's my way of saying 'Thank You':

The trailer to the third Harry Potter movie. You get to see Alan Rickman quite a few times, and in a dress! I'm still not sure how to post pictures because I wanted to use the ones of Jason Isaacs in *that* dress and one of Mr. Rickman.

I'm off to go meditate, then finish work.


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