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She's in the loam, embedded
the way you stuff artichokes or peppers in a jar,
cram them in with stained fingers
and twist the lid,
shutting the coffin closed,
the sound of hands clapping, two palms sticking together with a pop,
no room for a trickle of air,
no room at all.

One year passes and the rain seeps in,
another brings a plague of white butterflies,
persistently charting their aimless course.
Last year I had almost forgotten,
felt ready to lay waste
to all memories I felt rightly
no right to keep.

Today she's still there,
lingering chemicals and hair and nerves and nails and lips,
body breaking down in surges
of collapsing tissue and liquids,
no siren call beckoning from the ground.

Still, they come as if possessed,
no cotton for their ears or wily leader to steer them away,
to stop the dragging feet of his crew from going overboard,
plunging themselves into the churling hell below with limpid ease.
The pilgrimage to a small plot of land comes clutching
their self-made invitations to their chests,
ready to mourn and relive
the pain of imagining
her living again,
then not.

I do not think a visit to the grave,
tombstone too black and too smooth and still
too new after four years, too obvious
sticking out of the ground
can help.

The visits slow, trickling to a few each year,
still done with trembling-fingers care and
no shortage of grief and roses.

I hope this year the butterflies return
to swallow the headstone like locusts and swarm,
until there is nothing left after they leave,
the ground untouched, empty,
greenly unfurling as if
no body lay below.
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Dad's going to take me to the local DMV and force me to finally take the eye test and written exam. In response and Shoebox still not being updated I decided to post some clever poetry by A. R. Ammons.

Over And Done With
Continually is continuosly
from time to time.

But continuously is
continually all the time.

Their Sex Life
One failure on
Top of another.

It's nice
after dinner
to walk down to
the beach

and find
the biggest
thing on earth
relatively calm.

Coming Right Up
One can't
have it

both ways
and both

ways is
the only

way I
want it.


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