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Erm. That drawing I was stressing over constantly redoing working on for the [ profile] snarry_olympics? Done and posted. Go here if you'd like to see just how creative I can be with watercolors. Seriously, guys, just go and check it out. It's one of the most detailed things I've drawn so far and I'm actually proud of this (title almost most of all!) to the point that a much-larger piece of it is now set as my desktop.

Warnings, to be fair: blood, reason for the blood to be there, ANGST, cruel Gnarls Barkley quoting, bad photos taken with digital cameras, nonexistent or dubious chronology, two men kissing at one point, lots of color. Oh, and the possibility of insanity or severe trauma. It's kinda up to you to decide what happened. I rated it PG-13 but PG would be more appropriate. My chosen prompts were Circle, Just A Scratch and Too Much.

Please leave a comment if you want to write anything and, yes, I'd definitely appreciate it if you would! I'd love to hear what you liked/didn't like about it, any of your thoughts, really. :) Go and have a look around there, for that matter, if you're interested. The entries range from just plain amazing to absolutely incredible and I'm really glad I decided to to be a participant.
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1 Batman
1 centaur boy by Nadia Ruscheva
1 Sin City
1 Secret in the Wings
5 Xena (2 Xena/Gabrielle, 1 Bitter Suite, 1 Lucy Lawess, 1 Joxer/Ares)
4 Harry Potter (3 Snotter, 1 Lupin/Black by the Theban Band)
Enclosed please find all of the above. )
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Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Word count: 180
Pairing: Hint of Cogsworth/Lumiere
Rating: PG
Characters: do not belong to me.
Comments: make me happy.

He never thought ahead, his laugh was high but suave as its owner, and his dalliances with the Feather Duster were smugly hinted at for weeks at a time.

Despite all this, when the Master paced inconsolably in the West Wing for days on end in between temper tantrums that shook the castle, Cogsworth felt safe.

The winter frost crept in past the Tapestries (they were getting on in years, after all) and slowed his ticking, nipping at both sets of hands but that was fine, too, because Lumiere would dim one of his flames and hold it close until Cogsworth could move again.

It was the routineness of these actions that soothed him, the distaste for his present condition forgotten in the petty arguments they had daily. Keeping to at least some vestige of normality was what kept him sane in a magical castle.

It was why he kept on ticking by his old friend, sometimes hoping that they could stay like this and mostly complaining, but always unwavering in his determination to see their ever after out together.


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